Get a new powerful ASIC S19 XP 141 TH/s at a special price of $5,499!
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Why Antminer
S19 XP 141 TH/s?
Antminer S19 XP 141 TH/s outperforms many other mining devices, allowing you to get more daily mined BTC!
Hardware Details:
141 TH/s
Mining power
3,031 W
Hosting Details:
Hosting fee
ECOS Data Center in Hrazdan, Armenia
21 days
Installation period
New 'XP Mega Hash' offer from ECOS provides you with an opportunity to maximize your profits and join the elite league of successful miners with the S19 XP 141 TH/s. Take advantage of our unique terms:
Your Benefits
More earnings with investment starting at $5,499
Guaranteed daily rewards
Low-risk and long-term investments
Connection to reputable mining pools
Easy dashboard to control your farm and rewards
24/7 fully managed and maintained by ECOS
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Media about us
It’s a cloud-based program that works online, so you don’t need to buy actual cryptocurrency mining equipment to run ECOS. It’s hard to beat ECOS as an easy mining solution
ECOS is a reliable Bitcoin mining platform that has been successfully paying mining rewards to its clients for years
The potential residents of the 2.2-hectares ECOS are granted the financial benefits of zero value-added tax (VAT), the absence of import and export duties and no tax burden on property and real estate.